Today I pet a horseshoe crab and crawled through a tiny tunnel over schools of fish and watched stingray jump up against the side of a pool to be pet like puppy dogs. Sarah, Mike, and the nieces popped into town today to check out Ripley’s Aquarium. Samantha and I had never been. We scooped up tickets and met them there. Sarah and Mike seemed glad to have an additional two adults in their corner to look after the girls, and it was our pleasure to help out. It helps that they’re utterly adorable. The aquarium is a sight to see, with its slow motorized walkway wending through a giant shark- and sawfish-infested tank a highlight. We left the aquarium amidst a crowd of Fan Expo-goers in cosplay. Rachel paid a busker dressed like a robot cowboy a dollar and he shook her hand mechanically and she talked about it the rest of the evening.

The last weekend of summer vacation beckons.


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