Spent a chunk of the day working over at EJ Pratt Library, one of my favourite places to work in the city. I like to nestle in at a desk on the ground floor in front of a view of Queen’s Park. Without Internet access, there are fewer distractions than usual, save for the frolicking squirrels and occasional Pokémon Go player. The goal over the next week or so will be to pare away distractions. Social media is out the window on Monday. I sat down and hammered out a potential schedule for the upcoming semester. Lots of 7 a.m. rises, but if I stick to it I should finish my days at a somewhat reasonable hour. Time will tell. It tends to.

Samantha made a terrific lasagna from scratch tonight. We watched episodes of “Frasier” and talked about money and plans for September. I listened to Pearl Jam while doing the dishes.


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