Today was the litmus test. I edited a six-hour paper and went to my first class and survived.

The class was difficult to find. Kerr Hall, as any Ryerson student will attest, is an utter maze. Every square inch of the building, which completely surrounds the Ryerson quad, is part of a thoroughly useless quest to create the beige-ist place on earth. The stairwells are placed in odd locations. Room numbers starting with one are on the second floor, adhering to the European system of confusing the hell out of everyone. Look up Kerr Hall on Twitter and sit back and enjoy the laundry list of missives from people late to their first classes of the semester.


I made it to Film Materials & Processes on time. The gang met for two hours. Introductions were made again, with people spilling their guts on how much they loved film. The prof, Christina, took us through a truncated history of film preservation, including some fascinating information about the ongoing influence of the Reichsfilmarchiv, Nazi Germany’s state-sponsored film archive and an original member of the International Federation of Film Archives. Germany absconded with films from countries across Europe that ended up in the possession of Russia after the war ended. Most were lost or destroyed, and many of those that remain still haven’t been sent back to where they came from. Film preservation is an incredibly political field, and realities like that must be a tremendous source of frustration to everyone in it.

Three assignments to do in that course, including a splicing assignment, a critical response, and a practicum, with due dates starting in October. Lots of readings, but this is the course that will finally allow me to get my hands on the stuff. Can’t wait.


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