Early Film and its Preservation will be very readings intense, with 250-word summaries due most weeks, in addition to a 500-word comparison paper, a four-page report on a collection, and a five-page research abstract with bibliography. Lots of chunks of small amounts of writing, rather than enormous assignments due at the end of term. I’m not entirely sure which approach I’d prefer at this point. I reiterated my mission to learn how to restore films. I was told that sort of work isn’t done in Canada, that I’d be better off looking to places overseas or south of the border. I asked whether I should start booking flights now.

Boy, did the class ever get my synapses firing. We spent it discussing a Bazin article, and all of the old impulses to voice an opinion while passing for intelligent came back in full force. I left the campus buzzing and went to the gym when I got home.

Samantha and I had dinner and watched “My Dinner With Andre.” It did a nice job feeding the rest of my hungry brain.


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