History of Film is not your average history of film course. I was expecting a rehash of the old familiar terms and movies and turning points. But the course is geared more toward historiography, or how the history of film itself has been written and recorded. We’re going to be looking at things very contextually, while considering how the histories of certain kinds of films were formed. I’m in for a 2,000-word midterm essay on a lost film (“Ladies of the Mob,” 1928, dir. William Wellman), an in-class presentation on a week’s readings (top three choices submitted), and a 3,000-word essay on an overlooked piece of film history. I know the prof from my first time through grad school years ago, when we were both students. So that’s how old I am.

We spent a large portion of the class trying to identify films by single shots. A lot of it was like looking at a photo album of old friends.

Samantha and I got Herschel backpacks today. I checked out the Ryerson Library for the first time, and settled into a study carrel to finish up work. No more classes until Monday. I’ll see about writing something of more substance tomorrow.


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