It was a grey day in Toronto with rain coming and going. I walked Samantha to work and spent a bit of time in the U of T bookstore scouring for a couple of books and turned up empty-handed. Afterwards I walked over to Robarts and tried to get into the stacks. I was informed that Ryerson’s agreement with Robarts over stack access had lapsed, and that a guest pass would run me $20 a week. A U of T alumni card would run me about $22.50 annually (or $70 with borrowing privileges), so I may do that instead.

More readings today, plus my first assignment. After getting through a couple at the Reference Room at Robarts I began wandering over to Pratt, but decided to check out the Edward Johnson Building, a building used by the Faculty of Music I hadn’t seen since the class on opera I took nine years ago. The smell of the place brought me right back. I searched out the music library, found a desk in a corner, and wrote out my first assignment of the year.

Came across a description of film preservation as a “memory profession” in one of the readings and a light went on in my brain. Memory profession. I am home.

Samantha and I watched “Waiting for Guffman” tonight. She told me classes at U of T haven’t started yet, which explains why the libraries are so empty. We both have a day off tomorrow. I am happy.


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