Watched a reconstruction of Murnau’s “4 Devils” in History of Film today. The movie’s lost, but a lot of its ancillary material remains. It’s strange to think of a film as a series of impressions rather than a finished product. What did its characters look like as they moved? How daring did the trapeze act come off? Ninety years ago, moviegoers saw the film in theatres and didn’t think twice about it disappearing. But it did. Imagine a film like “The Revenant” just disappearing, leaving us only with a script and production stills of DiCaprio battling the bear or bleeding into the snow. It boggles the mind.

Did most of the Cataloguing and Registration Methods readings for next week, including some near-impenetrable material on metadata that felt like a ceaseless parade of acronyms. Currently trying to work out accommodations for Thanksgiving. My parents’ house is fuller than usual, and my old fashioned father doesn’t want Samantha and I living in sin under his roof. Trying not to stress about it too much, though I can’t help but feel bad for mom. She really wants us there.


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