I paid a visit to Mel at Lebel and Crowe today and my hair is now shorter and looking sharp. Did some reading before Film Materials and Processes and then had the class. For most of the three hours, we had to contend with a group of engineering students who were running a purple VW Beetle around the quad and yelling at people to get out of the way. Some kind of charity thing for Sick Kids. Good on them, though it was distracting at times.

After looking at a bunch of pictures of damaged film, inspecting some strips, and learning about different gauges and materials, we were given our film for the splicing assignment, one 35mm strip and one 16mm stripe each. My 35mm strip is a film of Eisenhower delivering a speech. We were also given a brief tutorial on tape splicing. Next week we’ll learn to work with cement. I’d wager it’s about an hour’s worth of work altogether.




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