Our class took a field trip to the TIFF Film Reference Library. We were given a tour of the vault and reference room, and shown one of the film production files they had on hand, which contained a selection of material from DeMille’s original Ten Commandments. I’m going to go back on Saturday to do some research on my Ladies of the Mob paper. I’m trying to keep on top of work and readings, though I’m starting to see where scheduling will get tricky. I’ve managed to position my due dates pretty consistently, so there shouldn’t be too many cases where I’m trying to complete more than one big project at a time. I have the impression that spare moments are going to become increasingly few and far between as the semester goes on.

Slowly starting to get to know my coursemates, Isaac and Blanche in particular. Everyone seems decent at the very least. I’m sure by the end of things we’ll all know far too much about one another. It’s starting to become easier to speak our minds in class and really delve down into what we want out of all this. There was a bit more talk about internships today, and what might and might not be possible, and so many things still seem to be up in the air. I think it’s going to take a great deal of research and a great deal of push when the time comes.

Samantha (and her new amazing septum piercing!) bought a bunch of Halloween candy today, so we spent the evening chipping away at that and watching an old-ish documentary on American cinema. We’re going to be seeing Hannah Georgas play at the Mod Club in December – I scored the tickets today. It’s been a long time coming for me, personally. I’m a huge fan, but she’s always played shows when I’ve been out of town, or opened on a bill with a headliner I don’t care for. Really looking forward to it.


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