I headed over to Robarts today to analyze a History of Film reading i have to summarize in class next week, all about how Murnau’s “Sunrise” opened in New York as part of a triple bill with Fox Movietones of the Vatican Choir and Mussolini that ended up overshadowing it. Pretty interesting stuff. Afterwards I went to the TIFF Film Reference Library and went through any and all information I could find on “Ladies of the Mob,” William Wellman, and Clara Bow. It turned out most of the relevant books were available at Ryerson, so I swung by the library afterwards and checked them out. Also finished a Cataloguing and Registration Methods response, plus a bit of work-type work and lots of walking, so a pretty productive day overall.

When I got home, Samantha and I built a fort in our living room and talked about our days. We tried to watch “Love is Strange” on Netflix, but the Internet kept crapping out. Did some cleaning instead.


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