Samantha and I met up with Craig and Cat today and checked out Word on the Street over at Harbourfront Centre. I didn’t end up picking anything up, but Samantha made out like a bandit at the Spacing table, picking up some Toronto-centric magnets and a tote bag. After grabbing coffees at Starbucks to keep ourselves going, we did some wandering. George Elliott Clarke was taking part in a panel on the grounds, and Craig and I stood watching for a while. The four of us ultimately transited over to C’est What? for a beer. It was nice seeing the place again, as it had been a few years. We talked about our teeth and what it takes to move from place to place without getting in trouble and Twin Peaks. We parted ways and Samantha and I headed home. One pizza later, we’re sitting on the couch, watching some professional wrestling. Roman Reigns is trying to beat Rusev for his United States championship at Clash of Champions. He will probably be successful, depsite the crowd booing the shit out of him.

A nice day, and a nice break from all things schoolwork. Nice to reconnect with friends and remind myself I have a life outside the library.



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