I woke up at 4 am, couldn’t get back to sleep, so got out of bed and worked until about 6:30, when my body finally said it was ready to try again. Whatever way I can create the hours to get things done, I guess.

I had a summary of a reading prepared for History of Film, but we didn’t get to it. Instead, we spent the class leafing through hundred-year-old issues of Photoplay, and Alicia posted a bunch of information about the Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation in Virginia, which is essentially Vahalla for film conservationists. Restoration, preservation, exhibition, and more – everything under one roof. You know how Disney talks about putting its films “back in the vault”? The Packard Campus is the literal vault for Disney negatives, and the vault itself looks more like an underground bunker than some fabled candyland. Every so often the Packard Campus holds a weekend where a bunch of people show up and look at unknown silent films and try to identify them and where they came from. I will go someday. We capped the class with a viewing of Tod Browning’s “The Unknown,” the first feature film we’ve watched in a class so far, and a completely bizarre one featuring some tremendous acting from Lon Chaney.

After having lunch with Samantha, I grabbed a latte at the Holiday Inn Starbucks next door (my first time there) and went back to the grad lab to splice some film, including bits with the cement splicer. Still have a bit more work to do, but it’s coming along. I have a couple of projects to finish this weekend, but I’m feeling good about them, excited even.

Samantha and I had dinner and watched wrestling. We’ve decided to head up to Ottawa for a night and then Kingston for another night around Thanksgiving. Should make for a fun little road trip and a nice break from the city.


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