I finally missed a blogging day, but for good reason: last night was Nuit Blanche. Samantha and I met up with Craig and Cat at Ronnie’s in Kensington Market for a beer, then headed down Augusta. We saw some musicians playing in the street, renditions of “School’s Out” and “Spirit in the Sky.” We made our may down Spadina, passing a jug band (sans jug), and popped into 401 Richmond to check out their exhibits – linen jellyfish, bathroom graffiti written by women, live sandwich making. I got to play a theremin. We walked along Queen over to City Hall to see the giant glowing ball in Nathan Phillips Square. There was a band called Mothertongue playing on the roof of Condom Shack, “Let it Be” style. Craig and I ate hot dogs. We finally found the “Literature vs. Traffic” exhibit we’d been looking for, a stretch of concrete littered with open books that had small lights attached inside. We walked along and picked up books to take home with us and then called it a night.

Work has been busy, but I’ve been mowing through it. I tried to head to campus today to work on my splicing, but couldn’t get into the lab. I’m going to try again tomorrow. I worked on my “Ladies of the Mob” essay and now have about half of the first draft written. I could really use an extra weekend for some breathing room, but I should have everything done that needs doing. Last week of classes before Reading Week.

Tonight Samantha and I had pizza and ate ice cream and watched the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.


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